We ask for your understanding and cooperation to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19).

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 From Mar. 20 to Apr. 27, some limited express "Shiokaze" and "Ishizuchi" on the Yosan line won't be separated or linked at Utazu or Tadotsu station.
 Therefore, the limited express "Ishizuchi" will only operate between Takamatsu and Tadotsu(Outbound), and between Utazu and Takamatsu(Inbound).
 Passegers from Takamatsu direction to Matsuyama direction will need to change trains at Tadotsu station.
 Passegers from from Matsuyama direction to Takamatsu direction will need to change trains at Utazu station.
 We apologize for any inconvenience to our passengers.
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