Keep going to the horizon to reach their dreams of the future
Connecting aspirations, a story for the time to come

Tosa at the end of the Edo period,

Tosa great people convinced Japan's dawn, and We imagined Japan's bright future.

It was nurtured by the majestic nature of Tosa, sometimes violently and free.
Only the spirit of the prodigal Tosa people
It became a source that moved the times.

And now,

With the great man of Tosa remember the stories of the women who supported them
With magnificent nature reflected in the car window
Luxury moments to enjoy the unique hospitality of Tosa-style
Please spend on this train.


Together with Tosa’s history

“Shikoku Tosa” has the traces of men who played essential roles during the end of the Edo period, a tumultuous era in Japan.

Takechi Hanpeita, Ryoma Sakamoto, Shintaro Nakaoka, and Torataro Yoshimura of the Tosa Imperialist Party, who were also known as the “men of high purpose” during the end of the Edo Period, lived in Kochi about 150 years ago with the women who supported them courageously.

The train runs along the trails passed by Ryoma when he rushed to escape at the end of the Edo period, from the castle town of Kochi to the pastoral countryside, along the coast of the blue Pacific Ocean and the steep mountains.

Please enjoy the train journey that tells the history of Tosa.


Tosa-style Hospitality

With its abundant nature, Kochi Prefecture is an abundant producer of both seafood and food from the mountains.

In this train, you can enjoy elaborate meals that represent Kochi’s unique food culture and accentuate the delicious local products along the route.

Enjoy the taste of Tosa’s seasonal “delicious things” brought up by the rich and vast nature that spans limitless beyond the train windows.


exterior image

Sora fune appearance
Kuro fune appearance

“Sorafune” that keeps on running flexibly through the present age.
“Kurofune”, which was an opportunity to drive the era forward.

The Kurofune became a key driver for Japan to enter a turbulent era at the end of the Edo Period. Black ships that arrived from the Pacific had greatly shaken the sense of values of the people of that era, and they have become a catalyst that provided a broad vision to the people of Japan to expand their views from Japan to the world. The dawn of a new era was drawn clearly over the blue sky and the sea spreading in front of Ryoma’s eyes.

The two-car train that runs in Kochi was developed in two different colors. The first one is “Kurofune”, which symbolizes the history of the late Edo Period, and the second is “Sorafune”, which acts as a reminder of the time when Ryoma dreamed about the new era over the horizon.

The bright blue sky scene when the sun rises from the starry sky is compared to the dawn of Japan that was envisioned by the “men of high purpose” during the end of the Edo Period, and the train car is also designed to incorporate a futuristic motif.

driving section

Follow the path of Ryoma's escape
and feel the dynamic nature
on a train trip of "Shikoku TOSA".

This two-car sightseeing train is a runs between Kochi and Kubokawa.

In this train, passengers can know more about the “history” of the “men of high purpose”, who played essential roles in advancing Japan throughout the end of the Edo Period, and the women who supported them, enjoy the magnificent and beautiful “nature” of the area and savor the delicious “food”, served with Tosa-style unique hospitality.