About lost properties

QI lost something, what shall I do?


If you have lost an article, please inform the nearest station or station attendant as soon as possible with the following.

  • When (If it was on a train, a train departed from xx station at xx:xx.)
  • Where (If it was on a train, how many cars from the front and the direction it was traveling.)
  • What (Features, including color, design, shape, content, quantity, etc.)

When reporting, please give your address, full name, and contact information where you can be reached during the day.
Since items lost in stations and on trains can only be held for up to a week and are later handed to the local police station, please ask the local police, too.

We may dispose of perishables such as food even within a week.

About train service

QWhere can I find train times?


For train schedules, fares, and charges between major stations in Shikoku, please click here.

QHow can I check a train’s service status?


The JR Shikoku provides information on the website when there are or are expected to be significant delays in the JR Shikoku service area due to an accident or disaster. Please note that the information may vary from the actual train service status and be used only as a guide.

How to access information <Train Operation Information> -> click here

How to access information <Train Travel Updates Service> -> click here

QWhere can I find information on the Anpanman Train?


Please see Anpanman Train Information for the Anpanman Train route, timetable, etc.

QWhere can I check reserved seating availability on trains?


JR Cyber Station (operated by JR Systems) only provides information about seating availability on Limited Express and Shinkansen. (It does not accept reservations.) click here

QDo you sell lunch boxes or tea on the trains?


Trains in Shikoku do not sell food or drink onboard. Please buy them before boarding.

QCan I take my pet aboard the train?


Please refer to the section “Hand Luggage” under Guide to Using Tickets.

  • Small animals such as birds, insects, young chicks, and fishes kept in containers can be taken onboard free of charge. Small dogs, cats, birds, and similar small animals (excluding ferocious animals and snakes) kept in animal transport cases with maximum dimensions under 120 cm, depth, width, and height combined, and weighing under 10 kg, the case and animal combined are allowed on trains with the purchase of a “hand luggage ticket.”

QCan I take my bicycle aboard the train?


Bicycles may be taken aboard the trains as free hang luggage as long as they are (1) dismantled and stored in a bike travel bag, or (2) foldable bicycles folded and stored in a bike travel bag.
For more information on bringing your bicycle

About shops at stations

QIs there a convenience store at the station?


The following stations have convenience stores.

Yosan Line
Y00 T28 Takamatsu, Y08 Sakaide, Y09 Utazu, Y10 Marugame, Y12 D12 Tadotsu, Y19 Kan-onji, Y29 Niihama, Y31 Iyo-Saijō, Y40 Imabari, Y55 U00 Matsuyama, U18 Yawatahama, and U28 G47 Uwajima.
Dosan Line
Y12 D12 Tadotsu, D14 Zentsūji, D15 Kotohira, D22 B25 Awa-Ikeda, D37 Tosa-Yamada, and D45 K00 Kōchi.
Kōtoku Line
Y00 T28 Takamatsu and T00 M00 Tokushima.
Tokushima Line
T00 M00 Tokushima, B09 Kamojima, and D22 B25 Awa-Ikeda.
Mugi Line
M00 Tokushima.
Yodo Line
U28 G47 Uwajima.

Please click here for details (Japanese only)

QIs there a hotel near the station?


A Hotels operated by JR Shikoku can be found here.

About train facilities

QIs there a smoking area on the train?


We are committed to making the experience of our customers, both smokers and non-smokers, a pleasant one. Since it is difficult to prevent passive smoking in the limited space inside the train, all trains (except Limited Express Sleepers) departing from and arriving in Shikoku are non-smoking. Please use the smoking areas at the station.
Please also refrain from using e-cigarettes and similar products in non-smoking areas of trains and stations, as they may mislead other passengers, lead to poor manners in non-smoking areas, or cause trouble among passengers.

About ticket sales and details

QWhere on the website can I find out the ticket fares and fees?


Please click here for the fares and fees for trains operating between major train stations in Shikoku.

QCan I reserve tickets on the internet?


On online booking service is available for JR Shikoku Limited Express trains, San-yō and Kyushu Shinkansen trains. Please click here for details. (It will take you to JR West Japan’s website.)

QI’ve lost my ticket. I have the receipt, so can you reissue it for me?


If you lose your ticket, please inform the ticket office or the train staff, and purchase the same ticket. A station attendant will certify the ticket as a “Reissue.”
Please ask a station attendant for a “Reissue” at your destination station and receive a “proof of receipt” on the reissued ticket to take home. If you find your lost ticket within a year of its loss, we will issue a refund for the fare and service charges for a fee if you present the proof of receipt.
However, lost discount tickets (Toku Toku tickets) are handled slightly differently. Commuter tickets, coupon tickets, and some discount tickets (Toku Toku tickets) are not handled the same way. Please also note that if the reissued ticket was purchased with a credit card, it might not be possible to issue a refund at stations other than the one where it was purchased.

QHow much is a hand luggage ticket?


Hand luggage ticket is 290 yen per piece.

About changing and refunding tickets

QI have to cancel my trip, but can I get a refund for the tickets I’ve not used?


Unused tickets that are still valid may be refunded upon payment of the following handling fees. However, some discount tickets may not be refunded, or there may be restrictions on refunds, so please ask at the station ticket counter.

Ticket type Refund Ts & Cs Handling fee
Basic Fare/Coupon/Commuter
Express/Non-reserved-seat Limited Express
Special Limited Express
Non-reserved-seat Green
Unused and valid 220 yen
Reserved-seat Limited Express with standing room only Up to the train’s departure time 220 yen
Reserved-seat Limited Express
Reserved-seat Green car
Sleeper car
Up to two days before the train’s departure date. 340 yen
From the day before the departure date to the time of departure 30%
(Minimum 340 yen)
Discount (S tickets, etc.) Terms and conditions vary, so please ask a station attendant.

A 30% handling fee will be charged when refunding reserved-seat tickets that have been changed on the day or the day before the train’s departure.

If a reserved-seat ticket is issued as a single ticket, such as a Limited Express and Green car or a Limited Express and sleeper car, the handling fee for only the Green car and sleeper car tickets will be charged.

QWhere shall I go to get a refund?


Tickets are refunded at stations, travel centers and leading travel agencies.
For group tickets and some discount tickets (Toku Toku tickets), please ask at the ticket counter where you purchased the tickets. If you wish to get a refund for your commuter ticket, please present your official ID.(driver’s license, etc.)
Please note that some tickets purchased with credit cards at JR stations, including our own, may not be refunded except at the ticket counter of the JR company where the tickets were purchased.

QI want to change my ticket (or get a refund). Can I do so over the phone if I can’t get to the station?


Changing and refunding tickets require physical verification of the tickets at the counter and corrections and cancellations made to the tickets, so it is impossible to change or refund tickets over the phone or fax. Customers using the online reservation service e5489 (JR West reservation service) can change or cancel their reservations, as long as they do so before receiving their tickets and before the train departs.

QI want to cancel my trip because the train is out of service. Can I get a refund?


If you cancel your trip due to an out-of-service train, you will be refunded the full fare and charges.
If you cancel your trip en route, you will be reimbursed for the fare for the section you did not travel. In such cases, all Limited Express and express fares for the canceled train will be refunded.

QIf I miss my train, can I use my Limited Express ticket to get another train?


Reserved-seat Limited Express tickets (including Green car and Sleeper car tickets) become invalid after the designated train departure time and cannot be changed to the following day or later.
However, you can travel on an non-reserved seat on a succeeding train only if you travel on the same day.

QMy train was late, so I missed my connecting train. Can I make changes or get a refund?


If you miss the train specified on your reserved ticket at the transfer station due to a delayed train, you will be reassigned a reserved seat on a subsequent service of the same type and traveling section. Please ask a station attendant.
If you have no choice but to change to an non-reserved seat because all the reserved seats are taken, you will receive a half refund for the Limited Express and a full refund for the Green car or Sleeper car fare.
Please note that discount tickets (Toku Toku tickets) and tickets purchased in combination with travel packages sold by travel agencies may be handled differently, so please consult the ticket office where you purchased the tickets.

QCan I get a refund or change my ticket if the train I planned to get goes out of service?


If you cancel your trip, you will receive a full refund for the fare and charges. If you abandon the trip en route, you will receive a refund for the fare for the section you did not travel. In such cases, all Limited Express or express fares for the canceled train will be refunded.
If the Limited Express train you are on ceases operating en route to your destination, you may board a subsequent Limited Express or express train (an express train if the canceled train is an express train). You will receive a full refund for the canceled Limited Express or express train fare in such cases.

If the above FAQ does not solve your problem, please contact us from here.