Guide to Using Tickets

Ticketing Information

Ticket Validity

Tickets with an operating distance up to 100 km are valid on the day of issue, while tickets for traveling over 101 km are valid for the following periods.

Up to 200 kmUp to 400 kmUp to 600 kmUp to 800 kmUp to 1,000 km
2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days

A day is added every 200 km if the distance is over 1,001 km.

Quick equation
A km ÷ 200 km + one day = validity (rounded up to the nearest decimal point)
  • Round-trip tickets’ validity is twice the duration of one-way tickets.
  • If tickets expire during a journey, they can be used until you reach the final station indicated on the tickets, as long as you do not get off en route.


A stopover is when you exit the ticket gate at stations en route to or from your destination (within the ticket’s section of travel).

You may not make stopovers with the following tickets.

  • Basic fare tickets with an operating distance up to 100 km one-way.
  • Coupon tickets
  • Discount tickets (Toku Toku tickets) (excluding some.)
  • Limited Express, Green car, Sleeper car, and Reserved Seat tickets

Adults and Children

Adults and Children Are Classified as Below.

Adult Over 12 (Elementary school student is a "Child" even when 12 years old.)
Child Age 6 to 12 (Pre-school child is a "Infant" even when six years old.)
Infant Age 1 to under 6
Baby Under 1 year old

Children’s fares & fees

  • Children pay half the adults' basic fare, Limited Express, and reserved seat tickets. 5 yen is rounded down.
  • Children pay the same price as adults for Green car and Sleeper car tickets.
  • One adult with one child or two children can share a berth.

Infants and babies' fares & fees

Infants and babies can ride free of charge but require children’s tickets in the following cases.

  1. If the number of infants accompanying one adult or child exceeds two. (A Child ticket is required for the third and any additional infants and babies.)
  2. If infans and babies occupy a Reserved Seat, Green car Seat, or Sleeper car on their own.
  3. If infants travel alone.

Discount Tickets

Discount round-trip tickets

  • If using round-trip tickets, you will receive a 10% discount on both outbound and inbound fares if the one-way traveling distance is over 601 km.

Student discount tickets

  • Students of middle and senior schools, colleges and universities, and specialized training colleges specified by JR receive a 20% discount on fares if they travel over 101 km one way. (Student discount applies to round-trip discount tickets, too.)
  • When purchasing tickets, present the Student Travel Fare Discount Certificate at the counter.
  • A digit less than 10 yen is rounded down.

Group discount tickets

Types of groups

The following discount tickets are available for groups of eight or more customers traveling together.

Standard groupsGeneral public
Student groupsIf eight or more students at specified schools travel together with the schools’ teachers.

The above discounts require group travel applications certified by school principals.

Group fare calculation

The discount is calculated by multiplying the discounted fare for one person (rounded down to the nearest 10 yen) by the number of people in a group.

Standard groups

<January 11 to last day of February, June, September, November 1 to December 20> 15% discount

<January 1 to 10, March 1 to May 31, July 1 to August 31, October, December 21 to 31> 10% discount

Standard groups of 31 to 50 people are entitled to free fare and fees for one person. If there are over 51 passengers, the fare and fee for one passenger will be waived for every additional 50 passengers.

31 to 50 51 to 100 101 to 150 151 to 200
The number of people to which free fares and fee apply 1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons

The group fare calculation varies if trains are used exclusively for groups.

Student groups

(Middle school and over)50% discount

(Elementary school and under)30% discount

(Teachers and chaperones (early elementary school groups))30% discount

Application period

Standard trains … From 9 months up to 14 days before departure.

Special trains for groups … From 9 months up to 2 months before departure.

Application contacts

Applications are accepted at JR stations, Warp branches, Warp Plazas, and major travel agencies.

Coupon tickets
Basic coupon tickets (a book of 11 tickets)Up to 200 km section one-way10 times the basic fare for the section to be traveled.
A coupon of 6 ticketsUp to 200 km section one-way within JR Shikoku6 times the basic fare for the section traveled, minus a 10% discount, and rounded down to the nearest 10 yen.
  • The tickets can be separated for individual use.
  • You may not alight stopover or change your route.
  • Up to two children can use one adult coupon ticket.
  • The tickets are valid for 3 months.

運賃計算の特例 ( Japanese only )





次の区間をご利用になる場合は[ ]内の太線区間のキロ数は含めないで計算します。同区間内では途中下車できません。