Guide to Using Tickets

Other Ticket Types

Admission Tickets

170 yen80 yen

Admission tickets do not allow you to travel on any trains. If you do, you will have to pay a separate fare.

Personal Belongings

Please also click here for more information about personal belongings.

Prohibited items

Hazardous goods, knives, heaters, stoves, animals, corpses, unhygienic items, odoriferous items, items that may cause harm to other passengers, and items that may damage the train are not allowed on board.

Please click here for more information about hazardous items that cannot be brought on board.

Allowed items

You may bring on board up to two pieces of portable luggage with maximum dimensions of 250 cm (up to 2 meters in length), the depth, width, height combined, and a weight of up to 30 kg. (However, everyday necessities such as umbrellas, walking sticks, and handbags are not counted.)

Free carry-on luggage

  • Travel bags, suitcases, sporting goods (surfboards in surfboard travel bags), musical instruments, recreational articles, toys, and other portable luggage.

    Sporting equipment, musical instruments, recreational articles, etc., that can be carried upright may be brought on board. (Please keep them in their special bags or case.)

  • Bicycles for cycling and sporting events must be dismantled and stored in their bags, and foldable bicycles must be folded and placed in their bags.

    Please click here for more information about taking bicycles aboard the trains.

  • Guide dogs (for the blind, disabled, or hard of hearing) accompanying physically challenged passengers. However, this is limited to cases where the guide dogs are labeled as required by law.
  • Wheelchairs with length and height under 120 cm with a width under 70 cm.

Fee-chargeable carry-on luggage

  • Small dogs, cats, birds, or small animals (excluding ferocious animals and snakes) kept in animal transport cases with maximum dimensions under 120 cm, depth, width, and height combined, and weighing under 10 kg, the case and animal combined.
  • The hand luggage fee is 290 yen per item. Please show your luggage at the station's ticket gate where you are boarding the train and purchase a standard hand luggage ticket.